Sustainability for Caglificio Clerici

At Caglificio Clerici, we are aware that all our activities inevitably may have an impact on the environment, on the people who work there, on the social and economic context. We feel that we have a responsibility towards those around us, because we care about our future and and thr future of those who will come.

For this reason, we have always offered solutions for a good and healthy nutrition with our products, we always work to guarantee our employees a healthy and safe working environment and at the same time we strive to reduce the environmental impact of our production processes.

This commitment becomes a real operating method, indeed we guarantee that sustainability is an integral element of corporate strategies and choices. It is an ambitious path of continuous transformation, which stimulates us to do better and better.

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150 years of Circular Economy

Caglificio Clerici can be considered an emblem of the circular economy philosophy. This is thanks to the intuition of its founder, Martino Clerici, almost 150 years ago, who wanted to give new value to waste material to make it its own business, producing soap and rennet from slaughter residues.

In the same way, we still recover and enhance by-products, such as the stomachs of slaughtered animals, in a product of quality and added value such as our precious rennet, with strict control of the supply chain.

Tradition and innovation for responsible products

We combine the tradition of our culture and our craftsmanship with technological innovation to guarantee an always better efficiency in the use of resources and an increasingly refined quality of our products, with an expansion of our portfolio, to meet the needs in continuous evolution of our customers and the food industry.

If we want to continue to be a leader and to successfully face the challenges of the global market, we have to pursue the goal of excellence, trying to always meet customer satisfaction, to create an evironment promoting our employees personal fulfilment and to fight for environmental protection. Quality is our belief: our consolidated reliability is based on this. We work with economic sensitivity, respecting legality, the environment, health and safety at work.

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Ranking & Partnership

Caglificio Clerici participates in Responsible Care, the voluntary program to promote the sustainable development of the global chemical industry. By joining the program, we are committed to developing our activities with constant attention to continuous improvement of safety, health and the environment.

We are also members of the Sodalitas Foundation, and we contribute to establish partnerships with other associated companies for community growth, generating shared social value and contributing to a future of inclusion and development.

We also underwent the B-Impact Assessment and the Ecovadis Ranking, in which we obtained higher scores than companies similar to us in terms of size and activity, but we were also shown many points in which we can improve and for which we will strive.

Ethical code

Our ethical principles are based on the continuous improvement of health and safety conditions in the workplace and in the external environment. The direct consequence is clearly evident in daily business, where employees can operate in a healthy environment, in the certainty of constant control of the risks, with reliability, quality and with a reduced environmental impact. We plan our activities and check their results in compliance with the principles of transparency in corporate, administrative, accounting responsibilities.

In our Code of Ethics, we express the principles of action and behavior that must govern the activity of each director, manager, employee and collaborator of the Company. They commit all our preparation, intelligence and willingness to work with passion, enthusiasm and positive energy.

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