Calf Rennet

Calf rennet gives the cheese an incredible richness of taste and flavour: a full array of fragrances, even the most hidden ones, which are released when chewing and leave a remarkable perception in the mouth, tongue and throat.

Its enzymatic richness gives to the finished product an outstanding organoleptic and sensory advantage and releases fragrance, flavours and aromatic substances as the cheese ages.

ingredienti materie prime caglio clerici
ingredienti - il sapore - caglio di vitello bufalino clerici

Buffalo Rennet

Buffalo calf rennet gives cheese a sweet scent to slightly reminisces of moss. A flavour of rich whole milk and cream, buffalo rennet emanates a complete, round and unique aroma in the finished product.

Lamb Rennet

Initially, lamb rennet generates a fine scent of sheep milk in cheese, which tickles the palate with long, sweet notes. The perceived scents undergo a crescendo of intensity up to the final release of a pleasant sharp flavour with hints of blue cheeses. A harmonious sensation, a persistence that fluctuates in length, and a broad aromatic persuasiveness depending on the age of the finished product.

il sapore caglio liquido capretto

Kid Goat Rennet

Kid goat rennet gives the cheese unique and distinctive sensory notes, aromatic flavour, which is initially full and enveloping to then given way to a pronounced, pungent and spicy flavour with age. A strong and refined tone, a noble and tenacious finished product.