Clerici paste rennet

Rennet paste, extracted from lamb or kid goat vels, is the most suitable product for the production of the typical Italian spicy and semi-spicy cheeses. In addition to the coagulant action due to the chymosin and pepsins content, rennet paste exerts lipolytic activity for the lipases that characterize it.

These enzymes act on milk fats releasing fatty acids which give the pleasantly tantalizing aroma to provolone, pecorino, Fiore Sardo, rigatini etc. etc.

Traditional rennet paste

Traditional rennet paste is the historical product of Caglificio Clerici.
It is extracted using traditional methods like in the past from lambs and suckling kid goat.
The traditional Clerici rennet paste is simple and genuine. It is the specific rennet for some typical PDOs such as Pecorino Romano, Fiore which must be produced with Sardinian and/or Roman raw materials.

I.M.C.U available: 115; 130; 150
Chymosin: 75%
Pepsin: 25%

Soluble paste rennet

The soluble paste rennet is faster and more practical to be use because it does not require filtration before use it and it’s purified.

Totally devoid of added preservatives, soluble paste rennet is innovative and traditional at the same time because it guarantees a time saving in the preparation of its use and an important organoleptic advantage with a unique and unmistakable aroma.

I.M.C.U available: 115; 130; 140
Chymosin: 75%
Pepsin: 25%

Reconstituted paste rennet

Reconstituted rennet paste embraces innovation and taste at the same time.
Extremely practical to use, it partially recalls liquid rennet but with the sensory and organoleptic characteristics of a paste rennet
Clerici reconstituted paste rennet gives cheese a traditional, full and harmonious flavor, and ensures a microbiological purity typical of a liquid or powdered rennet.

I.M.C.U available: 115; 110
Chymosin: 75%
Pepsin: 25%