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Lysozyme is a natural enzyme extracted from egg whites which protects cheese from the growth of Clostridia which can cause swelling, splitting and cracks in cheese. (E 1105)
Another application of lysozyme is to accelerate cheese ripening, due to lysis of starter bacteria that trigger the release of cytoplasmic enzymes which play a key role in proteolysis during cheese ripening.

The Clerici Lysozyme is available in the Halal and Cage free version for all those who are sensitive to the welfare of laying hens that are raised open-range.

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Clerici Natamycin, called Natacid, is an anhydrous mixture consisting of 50% of the active ingredient natamycin (or pimaricin) E235.
Natamycin Clerici Clerici improves the conservation of several food products by inhibiting yeasts and molds, while preventing the development of fungal toxins.
Natamycin does not alter the activity of starter cultures, and keeps the quality, appearance, color and organoleptic characteristics of the foods intact.
The product is available both on a glucose and a lactose base.

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prodotti complementari - lisozima caglificio clerici
nisina caglificio clerici


Nisin, a polypeptide produced by some strains of streptococcus lactis, is a natural food preservative with high efficiency. (E234)
Nisin has antimicrobial activity against a wide range of gram-positive bacteria, particularly those that produce spores. It inhibits some strains such as Clostridium botulinum, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus hemolyticus, Listeria monocytogenes, Bacillus stearothermophilus and others.

The use of nisin as a food preservative can help reduce the temperature of heat processing and shorten the time of the required heat processing, improve the nutritional value, appearance, taste and texture of the cheese and significantly increase shelf life.

Casein labels

Casein labels are casein discs used for the traceability of cheeses.
Casein Labels protect cheese against attempts of fraud, guaranteeing direct control over the traceability of the packaged product for company and consumer protection.

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lisozima caglificio clerici

Cheese coating

Cleriplast is a cheese coating which is manufactured starting from a copolymer of vinyl acetate. Cleriplast is produced in aqueous dispersion with varying degrees of viscosity according to its final application. Once dried, it becomes a highly resistant film, without any smell or colour and guarantees the maturation of the cheese, protecting it from contaminants dispersed in the aging rooms.

Cleriplast is also available with bacteriostatic additives such as Natamycin and Potassium Sorbate, useful for the protection of hard, semi-hard and semi-soft cheeses.

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Smoke aroma

The smoke aroma is a concentrated aqueous solution of smoked natural flavour produced by the controlled pyrolysis of woods. Smoking takes place therefore at room temperature by immersion / contact / showering and guarantees smoking with cheese shrinkage and a traditional and natural smoky scent.
Clerici smoke aroma is available in two concentrations to allow a wide range of results both with mechanical treatment and immersion
Two versions are available:
*** Concentrated: for mechanical smoking
** for cold smoking, immersion, with lower characteristics of density and lower concentration of carbonyls and phenols

aroma di fumo

Edible glue

Clerici is developing a new edible glue for the adhesion of paper labels on medium- and long-aged cheeses and as coatings to support coloring and preservatives, replacing vinyl glues.

Edible glue can be enriched with additives such as dyes and/or preservatives, based on your needs.

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Lactase is an enzyme that is able to broken down lactose into two monosaccharides: glucose + galactose. Lactase ensures the controlled elimination of lactose to produce low-lactose milk and milk -based products that can be safely digested by lactose intolerant population.

The exceptional purity of Clerici Lactase, distributed by the Labware division of Sacco System, provides a superior low-lactose milk product, Improved filterability and does not develop aromas in finished products.

An array of formulations is available based on the finished product to be made.

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Transglutaminase (TG) is a natural enzyme able to catalyze the cross-linking of side chains of two amino acids (glutamine and lysine) in liquefied proteins and thus yielding- (-glutamyl)-lysine bond. Transglutaminase is designed to improve the characteristics of dairy products

For cheese, Clerici transglutaminase allows the increase of production yield (by 15%), reducing syneresis and therefore humidity and protein retention.

For Yogurt, Clerici transglutaminase increases viscosity and creaminess, with reduced syneresis and a decrease in the added dry matter.


Annatto is a natural colorant for cheese that complies with current regulations by indicating the wording E160b (ii) on the label.

The product is presented in liquid form, to be used directly on the surface of the cheese or diluted as desired.

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The product is composed of specific microcrystalline waxes which, by covering the dairy excellences, keep the organoleptic characteristics unaltered, creating a barrier against external contamination.

The cheese is protected thanks to the waxes during all phases, from the post-production process to the sale, maintaining its uniform and compact structure.

The waxes are easy to apply and adapt perfectly to any work need, bearing the stress deriving from handling and the specific weight of the forms covered.

The Caglificio Clerici waxes are a clean label product and are available in a wide range of colors: in addition to the traditional yellow, red and black, there are also colors such as orange and green. The product portfolio includes: Intercer LU Colorless, Intercer LU C Red, Intercer LU C Yellow and Intercer LU C Black.

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