Once upon a time...

“The history of Caglificio Clerici is basically the story of my family.
My great-great-grandfather Martino founded Caglificio Clerici in 1872 and produced paste rennet on a small scale. His son Francesco, expanded the family business enriching the dairy range with the production of liquid rennet. In 1948, my grandfather Ermanno and my grandmother Florinda Clerici introduced an incredible breakthrough for the family business by introducing powdered rennet, which made it possible to extend the product shelf life, safeguarding all the advantages of a natural product.

My father Francesco and my uncles Martino and Giovanna have continued to develop innovative technologies to help cheese factories process milk in the safest, healthiest and most hygienic way possible.
Caglificio Clerici still prepares rennet with the same dedication and enthusiasm as in the past but now uses the new technologies made available by the expert hands of our professional team.
150 years of passion for quality, research, development and Made in Italy technology at the service of the food industry all over the world to create “the only rennet that loves your milk.”
Iris Verga

caglificio clerici una storia di famiglia