1. A true heart

A heart full of tradition and passion: Caglificio Clerici’s commitment to the pursuit of excellence. A tradition which carries with it the savoir faire of making rennet in the traditional and authentic way of yesteryear since 1872. Passion is the authentic taste of simple and artisanal goods, our passion for our work, and our desire to continue growing. This is the tradition and passion that we wish to preserve in our hearts, because we love what we produce and what we do.

segreti caglio - autentico cuore | caglificio clerici
segreti caglio - purezza abomasi | caglificio clerici

2. Purity of the vells

The vells that we select for our rennet production are the best in the world. Over the years, we have discovered the sophisticated characteristics of the stomach, so that we can extract the best enzymes from it. Our long-standing suppliers are renown around the world and are now our established partners. The naturalness of the calves, who are as young as possible and are only fed their mother’s rich colostrum, is our company’s DNA, making us stand out from all other rennet on the market: choosing these vells is the crucial element that guarantees Clerici’s organoleptic qualities.

3. Caring extraction

It is nature that gives us the best enzymes to curdle milk. Careful, gentle and delicate extraction is the key point. When enzymes are less stressed, they are more active and can work more effectively in the vat. Our extremely slow extraction process respects the precious enzymatic content and naturalness of the product. Our extraction method – employed since the end of the 19th century – has a long history, exclusive to us. It is a history of continuous improvement thanks entirely to our company’s long- standing experience handed down from generation to generation.

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segreto caglio | caglificio clerici

4. Expert craftsmanship

Our expert craftsmanship is part of every production step. The attentiveness and knowledge of Clerici personnel is the first key to making us stand out. Our team has a long track record, and thanks to its experience can identify and understand the key points in all the processing phases in production, as well as the exact moments when technological operations are carried out. Our colleagues’ attentiveness is an art, a tradition, and an Italian value. We are completely aware of the story of every kilogram of our rennet, processing it from its raw form to its highest purity embodied in just a single product.

5. A diligent lab

Our laboratory is so renowned for its expert accuracy and precision that it has become a quality control and reference laboratory for several of our competitors. Our quality control process is designed to ensure in-depth analysis of every crucial production step and to achieve the highest levels of reliability, hygiene and safety: a sustained commitment to offer absolutely safe and high-quality products. The use of modern procedures ensures that the rennet’s quality, wholesomeness and hygiene remain intact, from its extraction to the table: a guarantee to the wellbeing of consumers.

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6. The age-old dryer ovens

Our dryer ovens are our pride: traditional ovens like those of yesteryear. The drying phase is a very delicate one in our production process, as we stabilise the enzymes directly and only in the vat to assure their best performance. Rennet is indeed a living product because it is a product of nature, which with the ripening of the cheese, transforms the rennet enzymes into those sensations that we look for in good cheese… home, love, passion, aroma and taste.

7. The professional time

We love our customers, we believe that each of them is special and we aim to help them find positive solutions for continuous mutual improvement, and respond carefully to their needs. Promptness is our intrinsic value: we seek to reply to customers in the shortest time possible, guaranteeing maximum satisfaction in terms of efficiency by providing solutions of the highest quality standards.

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