Clerici liquid rennet is a totally natural product and allows the processing of milks with different characteristics with the same refinement.
Ideal for the production of high quality cheeses, Clerici liquid rennet gives a characteristic and authentic flavor to the finished product.

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caglio liquido | caglificio clerici
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Clerici powder rennet is the most precious product in the world as it gives the cheese a unique organoleptic and sensorial advantage. Ideal for long maturing cheeses, Clerici powder rennet is the richest and most complex enzyme rennet.

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Clerici rennet is the most suitable product for the production of typical Italian spicy and semi-spicy cheeses with both cow and sheep-goat milk. At the tasting, the Clerici paste rennet gives intense hints towards a pleasantly spicy finish.

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How to use rennet

Proper dosing of rennet is a key point in the cheese-making process because it has to consider many variables such as milk temperature, pH, milk proteins and their composition, heat treatment and more.

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