Milk clotting activity

The only scientifically method internationally approved for measuring the milk-clotting activity of rennet is the REMCAT (relative milk-clotting activity test) described in the International Dairy Federation Standard 157: 2007 / ISO 11815 that involves the use of IMCU: International Milk Clotting Units. (IMCU mL-1)
Beware of all those who measure the milk-clotting activity of rennet with commercial titles 1: 10.000 since, even if it is an easily understandable number, it has not been approved and unified, lacking a general reference standard because it’s influenced by the enzymatic composition, the sensitivity of enzymes to pH variations, the milk quality, etc.
This is why Clerici Rennet is measured only with the international method REMCAT.
The method involves the use of two standards: one of pure chymosin and one of pure pepsin at 1000 IMCU mL-1 and the analysis substrate, the milk, it is a substrate standard composed of powdered milk reconstituted with a 6.5 pH as expressly requested in the IDF Standard 157: 2007.

The experience of our Caglificio Clerici laboratory is so accurate and well-established that it has become a quality control and benchmark laboratory for different external partners and third-party producers.

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