Pregastric lipases are enzymes that are extracted from the glands at the base of the tongue of kid goats, lambs and calves.
Lipases release fatty acids with short and medium chain and give cheese a distinctive flavor.

Lipases are composed of several enzymes (at least 6) and can be used as a natural means to enhance the flavor of dairy products.
Clerici lipases are a natural source of flavor, they give cheese a richer, more persistent and characteristic aroma, increasing the efficiency of the production process while shortening aging.

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Calf lipase

Clerici calf lipases generate a delicate but well-defined flavor in cheese, a delicate fragrance like a good butter.
Calf lipases give cheese a sweet but slightly pungent flavor.

Available strength: 10 U.C. ; 30 U.C.

Lamb lipase

Clerici lamb lipases give cheese a spicier and more pronounced flavor, typical of Pecorino Romano.
Lamb lipases are well perceived on the palate, with a sharp taste and have a good persistence with medium spiciness.

Available strength: 10U.C. ; 30U.C.

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Kid goat lipase

Clerici kid goat lipases give cheese a strong, sharp and spicy flavor, such as that of Provolone Piccante
Kid Goat lipases convey an aroma of goat’s milk, excellent persistence and spiciness.

Available strength: 10U.C. ; 30U.C.