Here at Caglificio Clerici we are aware that all our activities have an inevitable impact on the environment, on the employees, socially and economically. We feel we have a responsibility towards those around us because we care about our future and of those who will come.

For this reason, our products are geared towards offering solutions for good nutrition and for a better quality of life. We work to ensure our employees a healthy and safe workplace, at the same time, we care about reducing the environmental impact of our production processes.

Our commitment

This commitment becomes a real operating method, indeed we guarantee that sustainability is an integral element of corporate strategies and choices. It is an ambitious path of continuous transformation, which stimulates us to do better and better.

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The history of Caglificio Clerici is a family history: founded in 1872 by Martino Clerici, it is now managed by the fourth and fifth generation of its direct descendants. Over time this family has grown and consolidated: to date, 9 women and 19 men work for the company , all sharing the same propensity towards quality and production safety.

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Circular economy covers the entire life cycle of a product, from the supply of raw materials to the management of waste. In addition to sourcing by-products, we follow the principles of circularity throughout the value chain of our products.

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