Edible glue, the eatable adhesive
for tangy cheeses and labels

Edible glue: what is it and what is it for?

Edible glue (or food-grade glue) is an organic substance that can be used to “stick” a paper label or flavourings to foodstuffs so as to make them tastier or give them a characterful touch. As you might guess from the name, edible glue is made from natural materials and can be ingested without any need for concern (edible = fit for consumption, from the Latin edĕre which means “to eat”).

Food-grade glue: how do you make it at home?

Edible glue is a completely natural product, but it calls for specific ingredients which are somewhat tricky to find in ordinary retail stores. However, it can be used at home to coat foodstuffs. All you need is a brush or a sponge.

Food-grade glue for cheese: what’s it for?

Food-grade glue is a special kind of edible glue used by the dairy industry in the production process. It is particularly suitable for decorating cheeses with such things as spices, dried fruit, flowers and leaves. This gives the product a new look, different colour and special flavour. The dairy sector also uses edible glue to attach paper labels to cheese.

Clerici edible glue: the natural adhesive for all your cheeses!

Edible Clerici glue is a clean-label product which lends itself to any kind of cheese and is suitable for intolerances of any sort, meaning that there is no need to mention it on the label. Entirely natural and made from organic ingredients, Clerici food-grade glue does not affect the organoleptic characteristics and ageing process of the cheese. It is well suited to any kind of piquant or aromatic cheese.

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