annatto: cos'è, benefici, da dove si estrae

Annatto, the natural
colourant for your cheeses!

What is annatto and where does it come from? Annatto, otherwise known as…

Natamicina: cos'è, a cosa serve, fa male, contiene glutine, natacid clerici

Natamycin, the preservative that protects cheeses from mould and fungi

What Natamycin is and what is it for Natamycin (indicated on the label as…

Colle edibile: cos'è, a cosa serve, come farla in casa

Edible glue, the eatable adhesive
for tangy cheeses and labels

Edible glue: what is it and what is it for? Edible glue (or food-grade glue) is…

lipasi cosa sono, a cosa servono, perché si usano per fare formaggio

Lipase: the little secret
behind the flavour of cheese!

What lipase is and what it is for A lipase falls under the category of enzymes.…

Il Lisozima: cos'è a cosa serve

Lysozyme: What this Natural Cheese Preservative is and what it’s for

What is lysozyme and where is it found? Lysozyme is a natural enzyme which…

cera alimentare per formaggio: cos'è, a cosa serve, come si applica, esempi caglificio clerici

Cheese wax,
The Perfect Partner for your Dairy Products!

Let’s familiarise ourselves with food-grade cheese wax: what it is, what it's…

Caglio animale metodo scientifico verificare autenticità

Animal rennet: a scientific method has been discovered to check authenticity

A valuable aid for P.D.O. cheesemakers because it is now possible to detect the…

Come si fa il caglio come si estrae

What is rennet and how is it made?
Caglificio Clerici's guide

What is rennet and where does it come from? Animal rennet was discovered by…